National Campaign Progress Report
Updated March 1, 2017

In 2016, Read Aloud 15 MINUTES commissioned YouGov to conduct a national survey on How America Reads Aloud to its Children. See full report.

Parents with children from birth to age 8 report:
  46% read aloud every day.

34% read aloud every day for 15 minutes.

15% read aloud daily starting at birth.

8% read aloud daily starting at birth for 15 minutes.

Despite the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendation in 2014 to begin reading aloud at birth, too few parents are getting this message; too few understand the window of rapid brain development that occurs between birth and age 3. Each year, as many as 3.4 million babies miss out on this simple yet vital activity.

Read Aloud 15 MINUTES’ March Read Aloud Month campaign in 2017 aims to change that with its focus on reading aloud from birth, and a new national PSA campaign.


Read Aloud 15 MINUTES unveiled diverse and creative messaging during its three campaign pulses last year.

Our messages were shared more than 200 million times in 2016.

March “Read Aloud Month”: Read Aloud President Dr. Candace Kendle and “SpokesDoctor” John Hutton, M.D., participated in TV and radio interviews across the USA to kick off Read Aloud Month and share the findings of our national survey. July “Seize the Summer”: Our partners encouraged families to “Soak Up the Stories,” and to remember that you can read aloud “Any Age. Any Stage. Any Time. Any Place.” October “Let’s Talk”: In the fall season, Read Aloud 15 MINUTES and its partners reminded parents that “The Perfect Time is Now” and “It is not too early. It is not too late. Any place can be the right place.”

Read Aloud 15 MINUTES conducted the first of its bi-annual national surveys to establish a marker to measure campaign progress; introduced its “SpokesDoctor”; recognized partners for outstanding achievement; and developed a blog where partners share ideas to promote early literacy in their communities.  Read Aloud also developed its first TV and radio PSA campaign focusing on reading aloud starting from birth.

National Survey How America Reads Aloud to its Children

In addition to providing data on families’ read aloud habits, we also gained insight into barriers to reading, children’s use of electronic devices, and parents’ understanding of early brain development.


Dr. Hutton

A pediatrician. A researcher. An author. A children’s bookstore owner. A proponent of analog childhood. A father of three. Read Aloud 15 MINUTES’ “SpokesDoctor” has many passions, but all of them align around reading aloud. Dr. Hutton is a pediatrician and clinical research fellow at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center who explores the impact of reading at home with his colleagues at the Reading and Literacy Discovery Center.


Read Aloud Champions

Read Aloud 15 MINUTES named its first five Community Outreach Champions in 2016. They come from a cross-section of organizations — a library, a business, a Rotarian, a United Way leader, and an early learning coalition — but they share a common trait: They have been exceptionally successful at rallying their communities to the cause of daily reading aloud.


Read Aloud Ideas Blog

This forum allows our partners to share their great ideas so other partners can replicate their programs. So far, we’ve learned how to create “restaurant readers", stage reading-oriented baby showers, distribute books at food pantries, and conduct read aloud programs at library-food pantries.


PSA Campaign Development

A humorous Public Service Announcement to encourage reading aloud from birth was developed and launched in winter 2016. By March it will have been distributed to more than 900 TV broadcast and cable stations and over 1,100 radio stations.

By 2023, Read Aloud 15 MINUTES wants 250 million Americans to have heard our critical message, and for reading aloud from birth to have become the national caregiving standard. Because when every child is read aloud to by a loved one for 15 MINUTES every day, it will change the face of education in this country. In 2016, we made great strides to that goal.
Saw our messages shared more than 200 million times.
Strengthened to over 240,000 Facebook followers.
Gained over 17,000 newsletter subscribers.
Counted more than 10,000 partners in all 50 states.
Boasted a diverse roster of 21 corporations, non-profits and other advocacy groups as National Leadership Partners.