Join us as a leader in our 21-day challenge to read aloud for 15 minutes every day and help us
kick-start a read aloud habit across our country!

Starting October 2, 2017, and continuing throughout the month, we will be challenging parents and caregivers to include 15 minutes of reading aloud in their daily routine for 21 days straight.

What better habit to have than reading aloud daily for at least 15 minutes, and preparing the child you care about for school, learning and life?

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On Monday, October 2, accept the challenge by posting a photo or video of you reading aloud to your child on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Please tag @ReadAloud and #21DayReadAloud.
Challenge three more parents with a child from birth to age 8 to accept the #21DayReadAloud Challenge and pass it on.
Go to Facebook's
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Continue to post on social media, using the tags @ReadAloud and #21DayReadAloud, during your own 21-day challenge.
Keep track of your progress on the 21-Day TrackerĀ and post tips from our 21-Day Content Calendar. All materials can be accessed here.
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